Feb 20, 2013

A Quest into the Land of Fairy-tales!

I'm the type of girl who loves all things fairy tales. I grew up watching Disney, reading fairytale retellings, and wishing that I could be a princess in general. (Funny story, my favorite Disney movies were Mulan and Tarzan, not actual princess movies. I feel like it was the life version of foreshadowing on the types of entertainment I like to watch and read.) Disney fairy tales are great with their happy endings but that's not how many of the original fairy tales ended. My favorite two examples of this are the original stories of The Little Mermaid and Sleeping Beauty (a.k.a. Little Briar Rose.) If you don't know the real way these stories go I highly suggest that you give them a google. They end anything but happy. Most of the original fairy tales are very dark and gritty, not anything like the Hollywood versions that we know and love. 

I'm so intrigued by the real stories, and I find them very inspiring. That is why I have taken it upon myself to read all of the Grimm's Brothers and Hans Christian Anderson's tales. I have these two gorgeous leather bound books from Barnes and Nobles that contain all of the stories. My plan is to read at least one story a day starting tomorrow until I get through them all. I'm excited! The main way ill be sharing my fairy tale exploits is through twitter so make sure you're following me! (@YngAdventuress)

Whats your favorite fairy tale? Have you read any of the originals? 

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Feb 11, 2013

Top 5 Movies I'm Looking Forward to in 2013

As you may or may not know I am a giant movie junkie, so I usually know when good movies are coming out. 2013 is a very promising year in movies and I'm super excited for some of these! So now I present you my top 5 movies that I'm looking forward to in 2013 in no particular order (but lets face it, the first couple that I show you guys are the most important to me.)

  • The Hunger Games: Catching Fire (or to those of us that read the books just Catching FireNovember 22, 2013- If you know me at all, then you know that I am a HUGE Hunger Games fan. I only wish that I had discovered the books sooner. And then the movie, I loved the movie so much. And then Jennifer Lawrence! UGH! She's flawless, the perfect Katniss! I loved pretty much everything about the first movie so I have faith that Catching Fire is going to be equally amazing.

  • The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug December 13, 2013- If you haven't seen The Hobbit yet you need to. It was another amazing movie last year, one of my favorites. I am so excited to see what happens next to Bilbo and the dwarves. I've read The Hobbit so I know the gist of it but I'm wondering what they are going to do to stretch one book into 3 movies. And Martin Freeman, another flawless actor! (there's going to be a lot of actor fangirling in this post) I loved Martin Freeman in the BBC's Sherlock and as soon as I heard he was cast as Bilbo I knew that he'd be perfect.

(Sorry no poster or trailer yet)
  • Star Trek Into Darkness May 15, 2013- Benedict Cumberbatch. Oh m gee Benedict freakin Cumberbatch. I was already excited for the second Star Trek movie but when I found out Benedict Cumberbatch was going to be playing the villain I became 98394% more excited. If you don't know who this beautiful man is then go watch the BBC's Sherlock and bask in his flawless acting skills. He is an amazing human being with cheekbones that could cut glass. Ok, but besides Benedict I'm excited to see Zachery Quinto and Chris Pine again. The story sounds promising and I loved the first movie. But seriously you guys....Benedict Cumberbatch.
oh my gosh, watching that trailer again made me get all kinds of excited!!!!
  • Iron Man 3 May 3, 2013- I mean it's Iron man, 'nuff said! 
  • Oz: The Great and Powerful March 8, 2013- The main thing that got me really pumped for this movie is the trailer. Its such a beautiful trailer and it looks as if the world building is going to be amazing! Just click the play button.

There are so many more movies than just these that are coming out this year that look amazing (Thor: The Dark World, The Great Gatsby, Jack the Giant Slayer, Man of Steel, Monsters University, The Wolverine, Ender's Game.) I'm excited to go see all these movies on the big screen, even if it means paying a steep price at the movie theater. What movies are you guys looking forward to? Tell me in the comments!

Feb 6, 2013

10 Random Facts About Me!

So I thought id give you guys a little insight towards the human being that is me.
  1. I am someone that equally appreciates television, books, and movies. I know a lot of people will choose one category of those things and find them better than all else but I don't. I love them all equally.
  2. I have a love of Knights, Captains, etc. I think this all stems from books and reading about the gallant efforts that they make.
  3. And then on the other side of the spectrum I love me some badass pirate dudes. Seriously though, I LOVE pirates. I'm even good with guys that just look like they could be piratical rouges. Have you guys seen Captain Hook from Once Upon a Time? Well go look him up, you'll thank me.
  4. Doctor Who. Hands down one of my most favorite shows ever (also contains a dashing captain at times.)
  5. I have a major girl crush on Jennifer Lawrence, and if you're sitting there saying that you don't have one on her too then you're lying to yourselves.
  6. Peppermint, it is the best taste and smell ever.
  7. I don't eat most meat. I cant consider myself a vegetarian because I will eat chicken sometimes but mostly its no meat. I just don't like the taste. I have no moral standing against eating meat, I am just simply weird and do not like the taste.
  8. Serial Killers intrigue me, not necessarily real ones but the fictional serial killers. I definitely recommend I Hunt Killers by Barry Lyga. It gets you into the mind of a serial killers son. If you haven't started watching The Following on Fox yet, you must! Its soo good and its all about this serial killer and his cult. It's a very well written show.  I may have to do a blog post about it soon.
  9. I would love to learn how to wield a sword or shoot a bow and arrow, or shoot a gun even. I know there is no need to learn these things but I just think it would be empowering and make me feel like a BAMF.
  10. I LOVE medieval Europe. Knights, chivalry, the black plague. It all fascinates me so much.