Mar 10, 2013

I want ALL the Black Milk

   I have a new obsession and it's name is Black Milk. They are an Australian clothing brand that makes leggings, body suits, bathing suits, etc. They are glorious.

   I haven't ordered anything yet but I want to get myself a pair of leggings. I'm nervous because I've never really worn leggings before, let alone with a crazy print on them. The price is also pretty steep which is another factor as to why I haven't bought myself a pair of leggings yet; they cost around $75 USD which is crazy expensive. The quality is said to be amazing and fully worth the price tag.

   I've been lusting over Black Milk for awhile now. I am constantly scouring the Black Milk Instagram tag, as my friend well knows. I am constantly sending her pictures of a well styled pair of leggings all the time. The pair that I want the most are the Wallpaper Leggings. They look exactly like the iconic wallpaper in Sherlock and Watson's flat in the BBC's Sherlock. Sadly they do not sell the plain wallpaper leggings anymore but they do sell a shiny version! They also have the most amazing bathing suit in the world. R2D2. I know. You want it now too. I bet you are watering at the mouth. I can't wait to buy my first pieces from Black Milk!

Do you have any items from Black Milk? Is it worth the price? Or are they just not your style, let me know in the comments!