Jul 13, 2012

Stacking the Shelves (2)- The River of Time series FTW!

Stacking The Shelves is a meme hosted at Tynga’s Reviews which showcases new books you’ve received the previous week.

When I bought my Kindle I got 1 month free of Amazon Prime. What I was most excited about was the free 2 day shipping. Since I had to use it AT LEAST once it gave me an excuse to buy some books! You may notice that I bought the physical copies of The River of Time series that I previously purchased on my ereader, that is because they are amazing and ill have a review for them up later. Do yourself a favor and read the series. Its SOO good! 

There was some good books on sale for the Kindle this week. You should def check them out.

  • Waterfall (The River of Time #1) by Lisa T. Bergren (GoodReads)
  • Cascade (The River of Time #2) by Lisa T. Bergren (GoodReads)
  • Torrent (The River of Time #3) by Lisa T. Bergren (GoodReads)
  • Behemoth (Leviathan #2) by Scott Westerfeld (GoodReads)
  • Specials (Uglies #3) by Scott Westerfeld (GoodReads)
  • Looking for Alaska by John Green (GoodReads)
Kindle(Click covers for GoodReads):