Jan 20, 2012

The Cloth of Characters (1)

I didn't pick up any books this week so I am incapable of doing an In My Mailbox post. Since I don't have an IMM post for you all, I have decided to make a new segment called The Cloth of Characters. The Cloth of Characters is basically just a fancy way of saying I put together outfits based on characters from different books that I've read. I use Polyvore to make these outfits and a lot of them turn out really nice!

Here are this weeks outfits!
  James Easton (A Spy in the House)

Mary Quinn (A Spy in the House)

Eragon Shadeslayer (Inheritance Cycle)

Elves of Ellesmera

Elves of Ellesmera (Inheritance Cycle)

The Falcon at Carnival (Aurelia)

I would like to do this segment whenever I don't have an In My Mailbox for you guys. Do you like this idea? Tell me in the comments below.